How Distilled Water Protects the Body

Water is the second most needed item by the body, behind air. Without water, the organs would shut down, the brain doesn’t function correctly and the body will wither away. However, it is important to get the most from the water that you drink. Distilled water is very beneficial for the body and here are some of the ways.


Drinking Pure Water


Distilled water has no contaminants or pollutants. You’re not drinking faecal matter, different chemicals and even poisons, which are found in some bottled water. Your body can make the most of the stuff that your drink, instead of trying to filter through the different components to find what it can use and what it needs to get rid of .


Your immune system and digestive system will be much stronger. The impurities will not affect them when you drink pure water.


Improve Your Kidney Function


Kidney stones are a major problem associated with drinking bad water; let alone the many other illnesses and parasites known. With distilled water, there is little risk of developing kidney stones. While the water is not 100% pure, it is much better than tap, bottled and other types of water available. There are fewer toxins to flush out through the system, which reduces the amount of kidney stones that can form.


This is really important for the health of the body. Kidney stones make urination difficult and painful. It can lead to problems with the bladder, along with other area of the body. The stones can also stop the kidneys working properly, so the body doesn’t remove all the toxins properly.


Reduced Risk of Water Borne Diseases


According to the World Health Organisation, distilled water lowers the risk of contracting the various water borne diseases. These are usually gained due to parasites, chemicals and other contaminants in the water. Viruses and bacteria are removed from the water during the distilling process. This also helps to remove the risk of the toxins building up, waiting for the kidneys to remove them.


The body can really benefit from distilled water. The removal of the impurities and contaminants does more than you could imagine. It reduces the risks of illnesses from various bacteria and parasites while improving organ function, especially in the kidneys.