Distilled Water vs. Deionising Water: Which Is Better?

Distilled water should not be mistaken for deionising water. They are two different processes and have different outcomes. Because of that, it is important to assess both and find the best option for your health.


Deionising Water Removes the Minerals


Like distilling water, the deionising process removes the mineral ions. This includes the calcium, magnesium and iron, along with many more. They’re the same, right? Well, not exactly. While the deionising process removes the minerals, it doesn’t remove the impurities like distilling does. You will still be left with the bacteria, contaminants and possible poisons but the health benefits of water are removed.


During the distilling process, all impurities are removed. It makes the water as pure as possible, although some do sneak through.


Having Bacteria Can Be Good


Having bacteria in the water can be good, according to some. It helps to build the immune system, giving it something to fight again. People are less likely to get ill in the future if they are exposed to some germs. While that holds some truth, it is important to note that the air and items around us already have bacteria for the immune system to fight against. Is it really beneficial to add it to the water too?


All the minerals are removed from the water, so deionising water is actually making it worse! It is best to remove it all than just remove some.


The Scientific Evidence


Many of the statements about the immune system getting stronger are just theories. There is no scientific evidence to support many of the claims. Whenever you hear of something, you really need to check the evidence to make sure it is supported by scientific fact. Removing the bacteria and components is supported as being healthy. Distilled water does have the approval of researchers.


There is no wrong or right answer. In the end, it is what you think is best for your body. Distilling water removes everything from the water. It enhances the flavour and offers many health benefits. While keeping some bacteria can be beneficial, there are many types that cause more harm than good; making deionised water questionable for some people. Use your own common sense and do your own research to come to your own conclusions.