Health Benefits of Drinking and using Distilled Water

After water is boiled, cooled down and condensed, distilled water is produced. This means the impurities present in water are removed and not only that but also the bacteria, organic compounds, lead, solids, sodium, nitrates and some contaminants as well.  Although drinking distilled water can have many advantages


Distilled water has some health benefits that are worth knowing. Drinking this type of water basically ensures protection against various diseases and healthier living. Aside from its other household and industrial uses, distilled water is a sure benefit to your health. Below are several of its health benefits:


  • Distilled water reduces gallstones and kidney stones. Ingestion of too much calcium can result in the formation of kidney stones that are formed from oxalates, phosphate, calcium and urine crystals. Certain beverages and foods can be the cause of kidney stones. Distilled water contains little or no calcium or mineral.
  • Distilled water is beneficial to those suffering from arthritis or joint pains as it basically picks minerals that are accumulated in the cells in your joints. Those people with coronary heart ailments or cholesterol problems benefit from it as well since it can get rid of the minerals present on the artery walls.
  • Distilled water contains low sodium, so it is good for those with high blood pressure. It not only purifies the blood but also makes sure that the colon, liver and kidneys function more effectively.
  • Toxins found in the body are easily eliminated with the use of distilled water; thus it is considered helpful in any detoxication program. Tap or regular water has considerable amounts of salts and minerals making it impossible to dissolve other inorganic minerals deposited in the body. However, unusable waste can be filtered by distilled water.  Moreover, it allows the body to absorb healthier minerals and vitamins more efficiently.
  • When you drink distilled water, enamel fluorosis is prevented. When overexposed to fluoride, the permanent teeth are mottled and discolored. Toothpastes, bottled or tap water contain fluoride. There is no fluoride content in distilled water.
  • Chlorine found in tap water used to disinfect it is also found in swimming pools, home cleaners, bleaching products or possibly in other bottled waters. This can cause fatal poisoning when you are exposed to it in excess. Distilled water has no chlorine content.
  • Distilled water makes the skin suppler, the body fitter and allows faster healing of injuries. Thus, it gives resistance against any disease.
  • As it is pure, distilled water increases the health of bodily tissues and strengthens the immune systems.