Distilled Water: The Best Type of Water for Cooking, Baking and Food Preparation

Did you know that distilled water is a better choice when it comes to food preparation, cooking and baking? As we all know, it is a kind of water where all the impurities, toxins and minerals are removed; water in its purest form. A lot of people are using it for food preparation and other stuffs related to cooking because of various reasons.


Distilled water is a better option when creating ice cubes. Well, some people will not really bother on the ice cubes that they are putting on drinks, but it has some differences with ice cubes that are made from tap water. Ice cubes made from distilled water are significantly harder. It means that they do not easily melt unlike tap water ice cubes. This kind of water also freezes faster because most of the impurities found on tap water lower the freezing point of water.


Distilled water can also produce better tasting fruit and vegetable juices. Basically, your tap water is mixed with chlorine to remove the impurities. However, even if the chlorine content of your tap water is low, it can have an effect to the taste of your fruit juice. The use of distilled water guarantees that your fruit and vegetable juice is very close to its original taste even after adding about 25% water.


In making tea or coffee, the use of distilled water is quite beneficial, especially to restaurants. You can lessen the amount of tea or coffee that you put in your water if you use distilled drinking water. You can reduce about one-third of the regular tea or coffee that you put in the water. It will be lighter in color, but the taste is the same. For restaurants, they can save a lot of money in their drinks by using distilled water.


Cooking vegetables with distilled water also has a significant difference with the use of tap water. Contaminants are still present in the tap water though the amount is significantly smaller. However, you can easily see how these contaminants work as they cause discoloration to vegetables. Distilled water does not cause any discoloration to vegetables, so it is still a better choice when cooking them.


Distilled water is also a good choice when you are baking pastries and others. This kind of water has the ability to absorb more flour than tap water into a batter so it will produce a smoother texture after the baking process. Since distilled drinking water is free from contaminants and other minerals, it will not have any effect on the taste of the pastries. Always remember that a small change in water can alter the taste of the bread or pastries that you are making.