Distilled Water – Sustaining Life

Nothing stands more important to life on our planet than water. Though70% of the earth is covered with water; there is scarcity for human and animal life to find clean fresh water for life sustenance. So, to help lead a better and healthy life, it remains essential to purify the water. Distilled water is a result of human endeavor to pursue a healthy form of water. First records of distilled water can be traced back to 200 AD when Alexander of Aphrodisias described the distillation process.


Primitive methods of distillation of were not only expensive but also very cumbersome. As science has progressed and fresh water sources become scarce, distilled water has become a common household commodity. Today, almost 65% of the world population does not have access to clean drinking water. Though the responsibility lies with the municipalities to install water distillation plants and provide the residents with clean water, facilities are never extended to a common man.


Distilled water bottles are easily available at marts and medical stores, but the most preferable way is to use a personal water distillation kit as it is economical and easy to operate. Health benefits of distilled water demand a better consideration. One can easily research about getting home made pure water from various sources in the internet. Water borne diseases have become more common, and those who have been negating the idea of using distilled water are inclined to its usage because it is safe and healthy.


One of the common conceptions about bottled distilled water that people come across is that it does not contain natural minerals, which are essential to the human body. Water distillation not only removes the natural useful minerals for the human body, but it also makes distilled water safe by removing harmful impurities like bacteria. However, it is essential to highlight that natural minerals can be acquired through a balanced diet, but the harmful effects of impure and infected water cannot be overcome with a balanced diet.


It is amazing to know that soft drink companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola have invested in distilled water projects as the use of soft drinks has dropped over a period of time. It is a well-established fact that very soon water will no more remain a freely usable entity. It will turn into a multi-billion industry owned by huge giants in consumer markets. Very recently chairman and former CEO of Nestle suggested privatization as the most viable solution to water management.


Whatever happens in the future, the fact remains that pure water is essential to our health and the health of our coming generations. Solution to finding pure drinking water lies in distilled water whether bottled or home-made.