Distilled Water Does not Promote Mineral Deficiency

Since the past few decades, distilled water has been come to be accepted as being closest to pure drinking water. However, even after knowing its various health benefits, a myriad of controversies have always surrounded the effectiveness of distilled water. Almost all of these misconceptions are grossly misrepresented and do not have any basis in terms of real facts.


The biggest fallacy surrounding distilled water, and the one that has been used countless times, is that distillation results in wiping out all the beneficial minerals. In fact, it is a famous claim made by most of the filter companies that they remove bad contaminants from water while leaving in the beneficial minerals. The process of distillation helps kill bacteria, cysts, viruses, radio nuclides, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, organics and particulate matter. At the same time, this is also true that distilled water will contain no minerals which fall under the category of inorganic contaminants.


The usefulness or benefits of the minerals present is water has been a topic of ongoing debate. The human body derives almost all of its minerals from food items like green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, poultry, dairy products, meat, nuts and grains. Pure drinking water contains such scant amount of minerals that in order to consume the recommended daily dosage of minerals, one would be required to drink insanely high volumes of water, when in reality, it is difficult for most of the people to drink even the recommended 8 glasses per day.


On the other hand, there are some people who are of the strong belief that distilled water is responsible for leaching out essential minerals from the body. Although, this myth has many proponents, there is not even an ounce of scientific evidence to support this. In reality, distilled water is associated with an inherent magnetic quality. On account of this, it picks up all the discarded and rejected minerals from the body and transports them to the kidneys and lungs (through the blood and lymph) for final elimination. But the minerals, which are ingrained in the cell structure, do not get leached out by distilled water. Only the minerals that are rejected by the cells get removed.


When it comes to the concept of pure drinking water that is good for health, all one can think of is the chemical combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen. One never thinks of water in combination with the minerals and fluorides present in it because that does not describe pure water. Thus, Distilled water is undoubtedly the purest form of drinking water available to man today.