Why distilled water is still the best choice for your body

Though many health conservatives have strongly denied the health benefits of distilled water to your body, many health experts still believe that distilled water is still the best type of fluid to hydrate your body. This is mainly because of the dangers lurking in the US water system today, with the US Government actually having no solid overview of what microbes and other elements are contained in the tap water.


Even with the passing of Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974, its further amendments and the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency to impose limitations on the contaminants present in the US water system, a lot of states violate the Act at certain levels, and no state would have passed the water check purely. In 2009, EPA even warned an “increased threat to drinking tap water” stating also “we can no longer take our drinking water for granted.” Then in 2012, several studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group have confirmed the presence of chromium-6, known to cause lung cancer when ingested, in the water supplies of over thirty five cities in US.


Thus, movements and alternative options to providing water free from hazardous elements have been sought – the simplest of which is drinking distilled water. This type of water is known for its “pure” quality, having no microbes. However, left wing health experts have labeled distilled water as unsafe and dangerous to one’s health. Distilled water no longer contains the good minerals such as calcium and sodium that our body needs. Likewise, the total pure state of distilled water makes it an active absorber of carbon dioxide in the air when evaporated, which increases the acidity – However this acidity is not harmful, and there are plenty of other fluids, such as lemonade and orange juice, which are more acidic than distilled water.


However, for those who still do not believe scientific fact and would like to be sure the water is not acidic, simply add minerals to your water. There are specially formulated fluids which contain packed amounts of minerals and vitamins and a single drop in the distilled water can make a huge difference.