Distilled Water: Not Just for Human Consumption

How important distilled water is in our lives? For many years now, we constantly see on TV and stores around us about this kind of water, but we always recognize it as a healthy form of water to be drunk. It’s clean, free from most impurities. As a matter of fact, there are other unfamiliar or less commonly advertised ways of using this water.


What is distilled water? The water undergoes a process called distillation in which the water is boiled till vapor forms inside the container. Then the vapor condenses or turns into water again. But at that stage, the water is now free from most unhealthy impurities; bacteria, fungi, parasites, and pesticide that can cause diseases such as diarrhea.


Surprisingly, it is not only the human body that can benefit from distilled water. This water is believed to be beneficial for other purposes as well. First, it is a better kind of water than tap water to be used in vehicles. As we all know, vehicles use water in order to avoid overheating of the battery while it is being charged. If tap water is used, the battery will not stay longer because of the presence of harmful ions. However, water that undergoes distillation removes every kind of ions, making distilled water better and more practical for longevity of those expensive batteries. Moreover, it prolongs the lifespan of cooling systems and engines of vehicles. The ions and minerals found in tap water can increase the corrosion of metal parts. Since the water that undergoes distillation completely removes the harmful ions and minerals, it is highly beneficial to be used in vehicles.


Airplanes also can significantly benefit from distilled water as it helps increase the air density during hot conditions. If the air density is lower than the desired amount, it can cause longer takeoff run and climbing and, therefore, airplanes produce lower power than during cold days. There are many accidents that happened due to low air density.


You may be surprised to know that fish also need distilled water; the fish that are in aquariums. There is a common misconception that the tap water is equally good with this purified water to be used in an aquarium. Water in rivers and lakes where fish live has different water composition from tap water, which contains compositions and particles that are harmful to fish. It’s no wonder that some who put tap water in their aquariums were shocked to find out days after that the fish died.


What’s more, distilled water is used in the machine called Constant Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This is used for people who have sleep apnea or those whose breathing pauses or becomes infrequent when they are asleep. The said machine helps them attain normal breathing through moistening or humidifying the air that enters the nose. Water that undergoes the distillation does not leave impurities in the machine.


All in all, distilled water is not only beneficial to humans, but also there are many other applications that use this purified water.