Distilled Water: Its multiple use other than your drinking water

Though almost 75% of our world is covered in water, most of it is useless, if not unsafe, for a lot of practical uses in many aspects of life. Most automotive and pharmaceutical activities in need of water require only the hydrogen and oxygen forming the solvent, and no other impurities or chemicals mixed with it. Distilled water best fits the job since it contains no impurities at all, and thus presents the best possible pure water that can be used. Besides your usual drinking fluid, distilled water can be used on a variety of things due to its qualities. Below are some of the most important uses of this type of water.


Automotive Uses


The most important quality of distilled water is its lack of impurities and thus is essential to automotive maintenance, such as on cars and ships. One of the main uses of this type of water is to act as a cooling agent to car and ship engines. Using plain water as engine coolant usually results to galvanic corrosion. This is since impurities in the water can cause electrolytic imbalance with the metal engine, which promotes corrosion. To further make distilled water safer, a subtle amount of alcohol is added for better cleansing. Likewise, distilled water is essential in replenishing the fluid on lead acid batteries, which are used in vehicles. Plain tap water contains a lot of ions that could cause damage to the battery and eventually shortening its lifespan. Since distilled water contains no impurities at all, it is the ideal water to be used for this kind of battery.


Pharmaceutical Uses


When dealing surgical procedures or body detoxification, it is important to make use of the purest type of water in order to not contaminate the individual’s wellbeing with the presence of impurities. Besides a good drinking fluid for the body, distilled water is also best used when cleansing the skin as it is devoid of the usual hazardous elements present in tap water. Impurities could cause spoilage of fair skin, and even cleaning open wounds. This is also the same when using it for surgical means. Double distilled water, or water having gone through the distillation process twice, is used in cleaning equipments for surgery. It is also the water used when cleansing internal parts of the human body. Using plain tap water is simply very dangerous as it can contain toxic elements that could lead to infections.


Other Uses


Distilled water is also used on other uses, mainly due to its purity against other substances. In organic farming, this type of fluid is ideal in providing plants the water they need. Distilled water is also used in the manufacturing of the different drinks to ascertain a high level of quality products in terms of taste and purity. It has also been noted that fishes maintained in an aquarium of distilled water tend to be more active and lives a longer period of time.


Though distilled water offers a lot of uses and advantages, it is very much easy to make and can be simply done using only home materials.