The Difference between Distilled Water and Spring Water

If you go to any grocery store or market, there is a wide variety of bottled water on hand.  To an average consumer, the selection can be quite mind-boggling and downright overwhelming.  Not all bottles of water are the same as some are purified while some are spring water, and some contain distilled water while others are drinking water.  But, what exactly is the difference in the types of water that you are buying? Believe it or not, not all the water that is bottled is the same.  Let’s take a look at some of the different types of drinking water and find out exactly what is in your bottle.


To start off, let’s talk about distilled water that has been through a very thorough distillation process.  In this process, the water is purified multiple times to remove any possible contaminants such as harmful bacteria and other impurities in the water.  As distilled water is rigorously treated, it also loses many of its vital nutrients and minerals that are present in the water.  A person can drink distilled water, but it is also suited for uses in and around the home.  Since it is so refined, it will not leave a heavy residue on many household appliances such as a teapot or kettle.


Spring water comes from artesian wells, natural springs and any other underground source of water.  Of course, there have been some questions as to whether or not spring water actually comes from springs and such.  Some believe that spring water is nothing more than tap water that is passed off as spring water.  Even though there is speculation, anyone able to obtain pure spring water gets water that isn’t as refined as distilled water, but still has a lot of the minerals and nutrients that are essential to one’s health.


As with anything else, the key to knowing what you are getting is to research it for yourself.  There are a number of websites that break down how each specific bottle of water is purified.  When searching make sure that you compare the brands and see how much of the nutrients and minerals are taken out of the water, be it drinking water or distilled water as our body needs important minerals to function properly.  If your house is equipped with a well, make sure that you have the well water tested for contaminants and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.  Many EPA agencies can test the water for you for a small price.  This measure will ensure whether or not your water source is safe to drink and to use in your home.