Myths Associated with Drinking Distilled Water

There are a lot of myths associated with drinking distilled water. These myths are causing problems to the people because it is creating negative views to the intake of distilled drinking water. Here are some of the common myths about distilled water and the explanations to these myths.


Distilled water is said to remove organic minerals outside the body. This is actually a baseless claim because distilled drinking water is still a form of water, as a matter of fact, the purest. Water brings the minerals to the cells and tissues, and they only reject inorganic minerals. It simply means that distilled water does not flush any organic materials since it has the same composition as any type of water. The only difference is that it does not have any chemicals and other contaminants.


Another myth is that the distilled water is dangerous because it easily becomes acidic. There is a slight acidity in distilled drinking water, but it is natural. As a matter of fact, it won’t even have any effect on your body. It is quite close to a neutral PH so it is not dangerous and it won’t have any negative effects to your body. It is the purest type of water, so it is neither beneficial nor damaging. There are many drinks, such as lemonade and orange juice, which are much more acidic than distilled water.


Alkaline water is better than distilled water. This is another myth because drinking distilled and alkaline water is almost the same. As a matter of fact, it is even safer to drink distilled water in the long run compared with alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water for a long time may cause disturbances in your gastrointestinal tract because it neutralizes the stomach acids. It is still better to drink distilled water in the long run because it does not post any threats to your health.


Distilled water is considered as dead water since even fishes won’t survive in this kind of water. This is actually common sense because fishes don’t live in just any type of water. Fish needs plankton and other living organisms that live through inorganic minerals. Distilled drinking water doesn’t have any type of inorganic minerals, and it is pure water so fishes won’t survive in distilled water. Well, you can’t really say that a type of water is dead just because a fish or a living organism does not survive in it.


Distilled water takes out beneficial minerals. Basically, all the minerals are removed from the water including organic and inorganic minerals. These beneficial minerals are usually in an inorganic form. It means that even if you leave them in the water, the body will not consider it as beneficial minerals. Minerals and vitamins are supposed to be taken through other means. You do not have worry about vitamins and minerals from water because the amount that they have is not even sufficient to help your body.


You need to pay attention to these myths and understand the truth about them especially if you are planning to drink distilled water.