Known Health Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

A lot of people are usually comparing tap water and distilled water. Some of them believe that the tap water is still the best drinking water because of the helpful chemicals that it contains while some people think that drinking distilled water is beneficial because it is the purest form of water without any chemicals and contaminants. How can you say that distilled water is really beneficial and what are the possible health benefits that you can obtain by drinking it?


Distilled water is free from various contaminants that are usually found in the water. It is true that the tap water contains vitamins and minerals, but there are also contaminants that are not easily removed by water treatment.  This is the reason why drinking distilled drinking water has more health benefits than drinking tap water. Though it does not literally provide you with any health benefits, it helps promote a healthy living since it prevents any contaminants from causing damage and problems to your body. You can also add minerals and vitamins in distilled water at a small price, giving distilled water drinkers the best of both worlds: Pure water with Vitamins and Minerals.


Distilled water is also free from chlorine. As we all know, water treatment involves the use of chlorine in the drinking water. Chlorine helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, but taking excessive amounts of chlorine can cause a lot of negative problems in the body. You have to remember that the amount of chlorine placed on tap water differs depending on the location and some companies put high concentrations of chlorine to their drinking water, which is not a good thing. Distilled water prevents any problems caused by chlorine because it does not have any form of chemicals.


Distilled water can also prevent the formation of kidney stones. Tap water and bottled water often have added calcium. It is a very important mineral to the body, but you have to remember that too much calcium can lead to kidney stone formation. Since distilled water doesn’t have any minerals, chemicals or contaminants, you can easily prevent the formation of kidney stone.


Aside from chlorine, tap water also contains fluoride. This kind of mineral is not found on distilled water. While fluoride is beneficial to the body, excessive intake of this mineral can cause enamel fluorosis. It can cause mottling and discoloration of the permanent teeth.


As you can see, most of the health benefits of distilled water are focused on prevention because it does not have any chemicals, contaminants or minerals. It is the purest form of water so it will not provide any vitamins and minerals to the body, but it can prevent possible problems of excessive consumption of these minerals. Basically, the choice still depends on the person whether they prefer tap water or distilled water. Both have their own set of benefits, so you need to know about this before making a decision.