A Brief History of Distilled Water

These days, drinking water is no longer a simple, everyday activity. Now, because of so many environmental changes that can prove harmful to our health, we are at present, being more careful when drinking tap water. These days, we choose to drink Filtered water, and even Distilled Water. While some may be perfectly content with drinking filtered water, many are gradually turning to distilled water to quench their thirst. Nowadays, distilled water is more than just a fad, it is now a way of life for these individuals.

But what is distilled water? When did it start becoming such a hit among health buffs? Here’s a brief history of how distilled water came about.

Distilled water is believed to be one of the purest forms of water. Due to the distillation process that “filters” out the impurities found in water, many believe that distilled water is a much safer and healthier alternative to drinking regular tap water.

Distillation is actually a process that has long been used by scientists in their laboratories. It is a very simple process that capitalizes on the traits of water that enables it to evaporate and condense at specific temperatures.

Initially, distillation was used more often for alcohol. This was practiced in Alexandria and China, dating far back as early as the 1st century. Books and studies have been written about distillation, as many scientists believe that this process is the secret to alchemy. As alchemy transformed into what we now know as chemistry, distilled liquids soon became part of industrial processes, which include the use in laboratories, in food processing, and even in machines. In fact, distilled water was first used more frequently in car engines.

More than two hundred years ago, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier started distilling water as one of his experiments. From his studies, he was able to find out that water is not actually an element, but is actually composed of two elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Eventually, scientists began to extrapolate that water is impure, due to the solid, but miniscule impurities found in water. By boiling water at a certain temperature, only the liquid will evaporate and “rise up”. As soon as the liquid evaporates, it is then subjected to a cold temperature, allowing it to condense. The condensation will then be captured in a separate container. The liquid that is captured here will then be free of any solid impurities or particles.

The rest, as they say, is history. As pollution began to be a serious healthy concern, more individuals turned to using distilled water as a safer way to drink water. Many believe that drinking distilled water is one of the cleanest ways to quench your thirst. While others think that distilled water is stripped completely of minerals, and its health benefits, many still opt to take distilled water to be on the safe side. After all, it is really annoying to be down with a stomach infection, just because you failed to drink water that is purified.