The Acidity of Distilled Water – What’s the big deal?

When you think of distilled water, you will automatically assume that it is one of the healthiest alternatives to drinking tap water. In fact, a lot of individuals swear by drinking distilled water. Naturally, because of the process by which it was made, it is a safe assumption that distilled water is indeed, clean and pure water.

Distilled water is made with the combination of two very basic processes: evaporation and condensation. In its natural state (except rain water), water is filled up with various elements. Some of these include calcium, various minerals and iron. Though not automatically harmful to one’s health, these minerals may have long-term effects on those who ingest it regularly. Some negative effects include kidney problems, and even some that affect your teeth. By distilling water, you are able to clear out these minerals. Since these minerals are usually considered minute but solid particles, boiling water will “seed” them out. When you condense the water vapour from the boiling water, you will be left with liquid that is said to be in its purest form – distilled water.

However, many are asking, is distilled water as pure as it seems to be?

The answer, apparently, is this: almost 100%, but it is the purest from all other types of waters.

You might ask then how the findings of this study came to be. It’s simple; they were able to test the pH level of distilled water. The pH measurement is a common way to measure the acidity of a compound. In general, pHs levels below 7, is considered acidic, while those above 7, is alkaline. The pH range only covers the values 0 to 14.  Distilled water, because it is supposed to be pure, should have a pH measurement of 6; which is the acidic amount. This proves that the water is pure.

Fortunately, the level of acidity in distilled water is not a cause for alarm at all. In fact, you drink more fluids and liquids that have a higher acidity measurement. These include soda and lemon and orange juice. If you are keen on drinking distilled water, then you don’t have to worry because this will not affect your health at all and in fact there are many health benefits to drinking distilled water.

Generally, distilled water is still considered a healthy and clean alternative to drinking water straight from the tap. You may notice that it will taste a bit bland, but that’s the small price you have to pay for drinking something that is clean and safe – most people get used to the clean pure taste of distilled water within a day and the taste of other water types becomes disgusting. In fact, distilled water is so healthy that aside from drinking distilled water, you can use it for watering your plants. Distilled water is perfect for your plants because it has almost zero minerals that could damage them. You can use your distilled water for your car’s engine. The lack of minerals will ensure that your engine will run smoothly, without any fear of accumulated minerals messing up your engine’s performance.

Truly, distilled water is something to be thankful for. Though it may seem a miniscule effort at first, the long-term effects is something that will keep you healthier for a longer time.