Distilled Water vs. Purified Bottled Water

Blue-Water-BottleWhen you go to the supermarket you can see a variety of different water bottles and brands of water to choose from. There are even distilled water bottles, which means the water contents have already gone through the distillation process. Therefore, it is completely pure water with no contaminants or impurities in it. They also don’t have any vitamins or minerals either, which are essential for the body’s health. However, that is not a big issue because you can get your vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. You can also add minerals to distilled water for less than a  penny a day and create your own super drink.

So, does that mean it is okay to buy distilled water in a bottle instead of another bottle of water that claims to be purified?  There are a lot of arguments for both sides. Some may say all bottled water is bad because the plastic from the bottles will pollute the water. Others say that all bottled water is the same and that purified means distilled. But in fact, there is a difference between bottled water that claims to be purified and bottled water that is distilled. For example, many people mistakenly think that Aquafina is distilled water because it is also purified. Even though Aquafina’s purification process removes some impurities and minerals from its water, it is still  not considered a distilled form of water. The reason being is that distilled water has to be brought to boiling temperature during the distillation process and Aquafina’s purification system doesn’t do that. They use ultraviolet rays to kill organic matter instead. Also, It is a well known fact that a lot of the purified bottled water comes directly from tap water which is known in many places to contain Fecal matter (i.e. poop). Would you drink poop? You can read about it some more in our featured article Bottled water vs Tap Water.

Tap-Water-PoopSo, what kind of water should you drink? Many people like to complicate this question by getting too picky with the filtration processes and what is in the water. But, in the end the simple answer is that while a lot of filtered water is good enough to drink, distilled water will always be the purest water to drink. Whether you want distilled water or purified water then they are both fine except when it comes to more harmful impurities, distilled water will always be better. Your body will still get the minerals it needs from food and both waters will clean your system out like it is supposed to. Besides Distilled water being healthier than purified water (Especially if you add minerals), one of the more common differences is the taste because you will probably notice a taste difference between the different types of water. Some people seem to notice a taste difference more than others. The taste difference simply has to do with the filtration of the water and how many minerals and impurities are left in it. But water should not be about taste. It should be about health, but distilled water does taste great because it is pure; once people get used to the taste of pure distilled water, they no longer like to drink any other kind of water.