Distilled Water No health Concerns

We all have different preferences when it comes to the water that we like to drink. There are those that like to drink bottled distilled water and those that like to drink natural spring water. What is the difference between the two? Some people may say that water is water and that it doesn’t matter what kind you drink, even though it really does. When you buy a bottle of natural spring water, it is supposed to mean that it hasn’t been filtered through any kind of distillation process. Therefore, it will still contain the natural minerals that are essential for the health of the human body. It also means that all of the contaminants in the water will still exist as well, such as bacteria and arsenic. Water that goes through a distillation process will be totally clean of all its contaminants and all of its minerals. Some people may argue that if you drink water without minerals, then the water will start to steal minerals from your body to compensate for its own lack of minerals. This is absolutely ridiculous and there has been no scientific evidence to support this. It is just an unscientific rumor that has been passed around to discredit distilled water. After all, there are always going to be groups of people that will argue against anything.

The other concern about distilled water is that your body will be deprived of minerals because you won’t get your essential minerals from drinking distilled water. However, what these people don’t realize is that you get plenty of minerals from eating foods. We don’t have to depend on our drinking water to get any of our essential minerals. As long as we are eating three healthy meals per day, then we are getting both the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to survive. So, do not be afraid to buy distilled water when you are in the supermarket. It is the most purified water that you can drink and there is nothing bad in it that will hurt your body. That is all you need to care about. If anybody tries to tell you otherwise, then just explain the logic to them about obtaining your minerals from food. They may try to tell you that deionized water is better, but deionization only gets rid of the minerals from the water. The harmful contaminants will still remain in there, which makes it even worse than tap water. At least tap water still has their minerals. You just have to use logic and common sense when choosing your water, which should make you choose distilled water.