Distilled Water Myths

It is amazing how many myths and varied opinions have formed about the health benefits of distilled water. Not only do ordinary people disagree with each other on the internet about distilled water, but even nutritional experts have varied opinions on the matter as well. There is one side that says distilled water is bad for you and another that says it is good for you. However, the reasoning behind each side is where the controversy starts. For example, the people that are against water distillation will argue that the water actually drains the minerals from a person’s body when they drink it. The idea is that because the distilled water has no minerals, it will try to compensate naturally by using the minerals of your body to make up for it. They also say if you try to bathe in distilled water, it is like making a “death pool” because as soon as you lay in it your body will get drained off all its minerals. This is absolutely ridiculous and there is no scientific evidence to back that up.

Another myth about water distillation is that because there are no minerals in the water, then the water has no nutritional value whatsoever. Most experienced nutritionists will disagree with this myth because they see water itself as a nutrient for the body. You have to think about what water actually does in your body. The purpose of drinking water doesn’t have to do with minerals and nutrients. The main purpose that water has in the body is to regulate its temperature as well as help process food in the digestive system. Minerals are not needed in the water to do this. The body will get enough of its minerals from the food you eat anyways and then it will mix with the distilled water after you drink it. So in a way, the distilled water will become mineralized when it is in your digestive system. Finally, there is very silly myth about distilled water that says it can actually go bad if it is exposed to air for long periods of time because of carbon dioxide contamination. They also say it may even become acidic very easily because of the lack of minerals in the distilled water. This is also a false myth with no scientific evidence to back it up. So, relax and don’t be afraid to consume distilled water.