Distilled Water for Pets

Anyone who owns a pet will want what is best for it. The health of your pet is almost as important as the health of your kids because it is like another member of the family. Unfortunately, many people think of a pet’s nutritional needs as similar to a human being’s nutritional needs. When a pet owner prepares a meal for themselves, how often do they feed their pet some food from the dinner table? It is very common and now the same thing is starting to happen with distilled water. Pet owners are buying lots of gallon jugs of distilled water from the supermarket (or creating it at home from counter top water distillers) and then using them to fill their pet’s drink bowl up with water. Even though distilled water will have very little effect on the health of a human, the health of a pet is a different matter. That is why they should never be given too much human food because their bodies aren’t design to handle it. The same goes for distilled water.

The most common household pet is a dog. We commonly fill their dog dish up with water from the sink and don’t think anything else about it. But these days, we hear so much debate and controversy over which water is healthy to drink and which is not healthy. It makes us think the same concepts apply to pets as well. So, now the pet owners that drink distilled water will also give it to their dogs while thinking they will be healthy too. The truth is dogs that consume distilled water over long periods of time will start to get sick and be deficient of important minerals in their body. Reports have shown dogs that drink lots of distilled water will get potassium deficiencies and eventually develop heart problems. You have to remember that distillation removes the minerals from the water, which are vital for the health of your dog. These minerals keep a dogs muscles strong, since they walk around on four legs and have to use their muscles very often. You should also remember that a dog’s immune system is a lot stronger than a human immune system. If your dog is drinking lots of tap water, don’t worry about the impurities that get into their system. Their immune system is strong by nature because they are supposed to be drinking natural spring water directly from the earth. Their bodies will absorb the essential minerals and bypass the contaminants which are bad. So, just give your dog natural spring water and they will be fine, unless you want to share your distilled water but still adding minerals to it.