Distilled Water for Bathing

You have probably heard about people that like to drink distilled water, but what about those that want to bathe in it? The concept is not too popular amongst people because no one ever figured that you could fill an entire bathtub with distilled water to take a bath in. However, there are people that do it because they feel it is better for their skin. With all of the impurities gone from the distilled water, there won’t be any left to infect your skin or cause bad acne.

Most people these days take showers anyways, so what’s the solution there? Well more water purification companies have come out with shower filters that remove chlorine and harmful

your body can absorb more chlorine in a 1-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water. This filter solves that problem by removing almost all of the Chlorine (Click picture to Learn more)


impurities from the water before it hits your body. Since most people like to take hot showers, they will definitely want to have these impurities removed from their water. After all, hot water will open up the pores of the skin, which will allow dangerous pollutants to clog up your pores and enter the bloodstream. If you continue to let this happen to your skin over a long period of time, then your chances of getting cancer will greatly increase. That is why it is a worthy investment to buy a water head filter that can protect your skin from these hurtful pollutants. The picture on the side shows of a Very popular shower filter available on Amazon.


You may be interested in bathing in distilled water, but you probably won’t feel like buying lots of one gallon jugs of distilled water at your local grocery store. There are two choices you have in this case. You can use the water filter on the shower head and fill up the bathtub through the shower that way – It won’t be distilled water, but I guess better than nothing. But, if you want the purest possible water in your bathtub then you should buy an automatic water distiller (also known as a whole house water distiller). You may have to shell out a few hundreds of dollars. However, they can generate up to 42 gallons of distilled water per day to use within the plumbing of your household. That way anytime you turn on your faucet, take a shower or draw yourself a bath, the distilled water will be coming out of it. This requires a commercial plumber that is experienced with distillers to come and make this hookup for you. Call your local plumbing company to find out more information about this. You would probably only be interested in going to this extreme if you have super sensitive skin or a weak immune system that is prone to sickness from water impurities or if you want the convenience of pure water every time you turn on the faucet.

Example of a Larger fully automatic Water Distiller (Click the Picture to learn more)


If you’re going to be taking Baths or showers in Distilled water, The picture on the left shows a water distiller that can produce large amounts of Distilled Water very fast.