Distilled Water & Cooking

You may not realize it, but water is a very significant part of cooking. Whether you are an expert chef or just have basic cooking skills, the water you use will make all the difference in the taste and quality of the meal you prepare. A great example of water use in cooking is when you cook a pasta dish, like spaghetti. Most people will take a cooking pot and fill it up with the tap water that comes out of their sink. Then they will boil it before adding the spaghetti. Now you may think this water is purified because it has been boiled in the cooking pot. You have to remember that boiling water will only kill organisms, like parasites and germs. It won’t get rid of any chemical pollutants that may exist in the tap water, so never take chances. But regardless, distilled water speeds up cooking time because its lack of impurities helps the water reach its boiling point faster.

When it comes time to eat your food that was boiled in distilled water, you will notice an improvement in the taste and quality of it. The texture of the cooked pasta will feel soft and it will dissolve in your mouth. You will even notice the effects of distilled water if you use it to wash your fruit before you eat it. Since distilled water can be a great solvent, you can use it to wash vegetables, fruit and all other produce from the ground. Then when it comes to canned foods that are filled with distilled water, you will notice the flavor is still strong and the natural food coloring is still present. Now you may be wondering about something more simpler, like ice cubes. If you fill up an ice cube tray with distilled water and put it in the freezer for a day, then you will have a great surprise waiting for you on the following day. You will see sparkling clear ice cubes that are shiny and hard. Since there are no impurities, the distilled water is able to freeze more quickly. Then when you prepare mixed drinks with distilled water, you will be able to achieve a great taste without using so much alcohol. If you were using tap water that was chlorinated, it wouldn’t mix very well with alcohol. With tap water you just never know what is in there, which is why substituting it with distilled water is great for all forms of food consumption.