Simple description of Distilled Water

There are plenty of types and brands of distilled water that are available for purchase and you can also make your own distilled water.  Distilled water is water that has had its impurities removed by being distilled.  This involves boiling the water and condensing the steam into a container usually a clear on.

Many people drink distilled water because tap or regular water can sometimes have an overabundance of minerals in it or it may be contaminated.  Often sales of distilled water will rise drastically when there is a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake as water supplies can be contaminated and distilled water is a better choice.

Distilled water can be used for multiple things besides just drinking.  Often it is suggested that distilled water be used for automotive purposes because it does not contain the chemicals that are found in tap water.  Also many people will use it for their aquariums at home for the same reasons there are less chemicals which means less of a mineral build-up and healthier fish, however, for aquariums, some minerals need to be added to the water.

There has been some debate over whether drinking distilled water is beneficial or can actually harm your health.  Many things that you need those extra minerals that are found in tap water to have a healthy body while others say that those minerals are the cause of health problems.

Distilled water can also be called purified water.  There are plenty of brands of distilled water to choose from and some claim to come from ancient wells and the streams that have been purified by volcanic rocks.  However, this just be purified water.  Having distilled water on hand is a great way to be prepared just encase you need water in an emergency.  Flooding can really cause problems with water sources as ground water can contaminate and leak into areas that it is not supposed to be including your drinking water sources.  If this is the case then having bottled water on hand is a great thing to have.

Drinking distilled water is essential to staying healthy and in replenishing your body’s water supply.  If you are worried about drinking your tap water then you can always purchase and drink distilled water, or make your own at home through countertop or whole house water distillers.