Short history of Distilled Water

Distilled water is water that has had most of its impurities taken out by distillation. This involves boiling water and condensing the steam into clean containers. Drinking distilled water has been around since at least ca. 200 A.D. Today distilled water is used in all types of places. Bottled distilled water can generally be found in supermarkets or pharmacies or you can purchase countertop home water distillers as well. Water distillation is especially important in regions where water resources or tap water is not suitable for consumption without being boiled or chemically treated.

Wondering if distilled water is healthy? While some say it is not a healthy choice because it lacks essential nutrients, it has been advocated in many situations as well because the lack of those minerals accounts for less than 4% of all the minerals consumed by the average human being, meaning almost all of the nutrients come from food, not water. If drinking water is purified using distillation, the result is water that is cleaner and more pure than before. The water is safe to drink; but the disadvantage to drinking this water is that most of the natural minerals in the water have been boiled away.

If these minerals are what you need, then you can always add minerals after the distillation process to have the best of both worlds when in come to drinking water. If the water you are drinking contains trace amounts of toxic organic compounds or heavy metals, distilled water will always be the better choice. The water that you find distilled in the grocery store isle may be OK to drink if they are not stored in the cheap plastic containers, but distilled water from other sources may not be safe to drink unless you get them from water distillers.

Distillation is beneficial because it removes the water from the contaminants, instead of trying to remove the contaminants from the water. Distillers have several big time advantages over other means of water purification. The best distillation system pretty much eliminates the need to ever have your water tested. This kind of practice removes every type of bacteria, parasite, or other harmful additives. The most reliable way to remove chemicals in our water supply is through multi-stage distillation. And while most of our mineral consumption comes from food, distilled water does not really threaten our mineral consumption. So with that being said, distilled water is a safe way to go to get your daily water intake.

Distilled water benefits the body in an extraordinary way. The quantity of water that you drink is linked to your tissues, their performance, and their resistance to disease and injury. It acts like a magnet, picking up rejected, discarded, and unusable inorganic minerals which then get eliminated through the body. When you drink distilled water your body no longer has to process any inorganic waste. The body functions more efficiently without having the job of discarding unused and toxic chemicals from itself. As a result you have better absorption of key vitamins and minerals within your body. And in the same sense, because distilled water has the ability to pick up mineral deposits that accumulate in cells, joints, and artery walls, things like gallstones and kidney stones fall to an incline. Distilled water is one great source of water intake!