How to make your own Distilled at home

Distilled water is good for body detoxification. Distilled water is free of chemical, debris and any harmful virus, thereby allowing your body to absorb unadulterated water or pure water. However, it does become difficult to purchase distilled water for daily use because the cost may be high. Thankfully, there are ways to make distilled water at home. You will be able to save a lot of money and take care of your health.

Hot water boiler

In this method, you first fill the boiler with water on a gas stove. Place a baking rack first inside the boiler and put a glass bowl on top of the baking rack. This is to ensure that the glass bowl does not touch the bottom of water boiler. Start the stove and put on low flame so that the water becomes hot. Make sure the water does not start boiling. You will notice water droplets collecting in glass bowl. Next, turn the lid of the boiler and put ice on the inverted lid.

When the water boils, the steam will rise and condense on the boiler’s lid. As a result, the condensation will start collecting in the bowl. You have to keep doing this, until you have all the distilled water you need to consume for the day. Cool the distilled water after removing it from the stove. You can store the distilled water in a bottle.

Glass bottles

In this the process is much similar to that of the above method. However, instead of using a glass water bowl, you will be using two glass bottles. In addition, one of the bottles should have a curved neck that protrudes outward. This is to ensure that the collected distilled water does not seep back into the other bottle.

First, fill one of the bottles with tap water. Next, join both the bottles with the duct tape. Place this glass water bottle in water boiler. Ensure that the water boiler is also filled with water. Start the stove and let the water become hot so that process of condensation begins. Place the bottle with the protruded bottle outside and hold the bottle. Once the steam rises, it will start forming droplets. Place an ice pack on the bottle that is collecting the condensed hot water.

Rainwater harvesting

In this method, you place a big container outside during the monsoon season. Let the rainwater get collected in the container for a few days. Close the lid and let the water dissipate. You can consume the distilled water.

Water Distiller

Ultimately, the safest, faster, and most efficient way to make distilled water is through a water distiller, which are available for any need.