Drinking Distilled Water for Good Health

Water that has undergone the process of distillation so as to make it free of any dissolved contaminants is called distilled water. The process of distillation is quite simple wherein water is boiled and converted into steam. Then this steam is condensed into pure water by making it pass through cooling tubes. Distilled water is significantly different from filtered water in the sense that it is free of all potentially harmful chemicals and organisms. Owing to these reasons, distilled water is undeniably beneficial for health.


The biggest health benefit that accompanies distilled water is the removal of all water borne contaminants that are potentially present in tap water. Drinking contaminated water can result in the contraction of several diseases due to the intake of industrial pollutants and toxic metals. When the contaminants are removed from the water through distillation, it can reduce the risk of toxic buildup and illnesses.


When it comes to consuming municipal water, it contains significant quantities of chlorine or fluoride, on account of water treatment. Although, these chemicals are added on the pretext of treating contaminated water and making it suitable for household consumption, these fluorides and chlorides themselves act as huge risk factors. Excess of fluoride can result in the breakdown of your tooth enamel, along with tooth discoloration. On the other hand, excessive chlorine in drinking water can be harmful for the skin. Distilled water multi-stage process filters out these harmful chemicals so that you can have pure drinking water.


Municipal water also contains traces of calcium. It is true that calcium is essential for maintaining good health; its excess can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Those who drink distilled water stay away from the risk of contracting this painful condition. When you drink distilled water, it does not leave behind any residue or inorganic minerals which the body cannot assimilate. In addition to this, if you wish to have full control over your mineral and vitamin intake, then distilled water is the best substitute for you.


Being the greatest solvent, distilled water gets directly absorbed into the blood stream. It keeps all the salts in the solution form so as to prevent them from getting deposited in various structures and organs, followed by their favorable elimination through excreta. This is why it is also known as empty/hungry water as it can absorb body poisons effectively.


Although, one can buy distilled water from outside, it can be an expensive affair. Also, since this water comes in a plastic container, its purity may get affected. Hence, it is best to purify water at home, with the help of a home water distiller.