Distilled water ensures the body remains healthy

Water in its purest form is known as distilled water. You may be able to acquire it after it is processed or in its natural form such as the rain.

A lot of people are unaware of the benefits of the distilled water. In most cases, we usually consume more of bottled water but it contains preservatives or chemicals.

In addition, distilled water is a smaller on the price tag when compared to other purifications systems, and it is certainly cheaper than drinking bottled water.

Benefits of distilled water

Removes contaminants

According to the World Health Organisation, contaminated water causes nearly 1.8 million human deaths every year. When you consume distilled water, you are lowering the risk of contracting water born diseases.

Distilled water processing ensures that organic microbes and parasites such as bacteria and virus are eliminated from the water.

The water purification process also removes debris, toxic metals and industrial pollutants. Therefore, you are also ensuring that your body does not build up any toxins over a period.

Body detoxification

Drinking eight glasses of distilled water is good for health. But, often people believe that distilled water leeches out minerals from the body. Now, while that is not physiologically possible, distilled water does do the job of purifying the body.

Distilled water removes the impurities that have been building up as debris in the body. Distilled water does not remove the cells that help in maintaining or building the body.

Over a period, you will see a marked difference in your body when you consume distilled water. Your food will be digested properly and your skin will look healthier. Your body will feel lighter and more active.

No chemicals

One of the reasons, bottled water or normal tap water is more expensive than distilled water is that because it has chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and calcium.

Chlorine is a disinfectant and kills all the harmful microorganisms. Fluoride ensures that your teeth remain healthy and do not decay. Calcium helps the body become stronger.

However, too much of these chemicals in water over a period will not be good for the body and bottled water and tap water usually have high concentrations at some point in time (for example, when rain storms are high, municipal authorities dump a high amount of chlorine in the water) . Distilled water comes in its purest form without the addition of any chemicals.