Is It OK to Drink Distilled Water ?

We have heard about distilled water right from our childhood but other than those that have studied science, most of us are not quite sure about either how it is manufactured or of what use it is. So, let us take a quick tour through this uncharted terrain about how distilled water is made and, more importantly, whether it is safe to drink it.

Well, distilled water, as its name implies, is manufactured through distillation which is a process where non-distilled water is boiled and the vapor is condensed to obtain distilled water. By boiling, volatile impurities and gases are removed and by discarding residue remaining in the container in which the non-distilled water is boiled, all solid and hence insoluble impurities are also left out. What we get after condensing the vapor is pure distilled water. If anyone is interested in increasing the purity of the distilled water, repeated distillation could be resorted to.

The first question that might creep in the minds of the uninitiated could be whether distilled water is safe to drink. It is, without a shade of doubt safe to drink – one would never fall sick after drinking distilled water, but, firstly devoid as it is of soluble salts present in tap water, it would taste a little insipid. However, many people cannot deny the fresh taste of distilled water and in fact, many people learn to love the taste within a day and never being able to go back to drinking regular water. Secondly, as already mentioned; distilled water, just like reverse osmosis, does not have any minerals such as those of calcium, magnesium and iron in it and would therefore be not as “beneficial” as natural water that contains those. However, there should not be any concerns about whether distilled water is safe to drink or not, especially because over 95% of all minerals consumed by humans comes from foods, not water.

There is another benefit of drinking distilled water. If a person is on a detoxification program, drinking distilled water regularly during the course of the program helps the body to get rid of toxic elements faster.