Water is of course a very important part of our lives and the way we live our lives – without significant water intake, we can struggle to remain in the right frame of mind, and it can be quite damaging to our health long-term. While there are many sources of water out there, from tap to bottled, distilled water offers a purer equivalent to water and takes out everything in the water to make it completely pure.

There are many benefits to drinking distilled water, not only does it remove the poisons from your system and help you flush out your body, it also helps you concentrate more and be more active as your body feels more hydrated and therefore it has more energy.

However – why distilled water? There are many benefits to drinking distilled water, many of which people have no idea about. If you are interested in finding out about the benefits of distilled water, then read on;

Completely Pure

Distilled water has had everything taken out of it. It removes all the nutrients in the water (water doesn’t have too many nutrients, but it does have some), but it also removes any toxins within the water. Purified water, even without the nutrients, is much better than you than the water some of us are forced to drink.

The water is purified by boiling it and then converting it into steam. When converted back into water, it creates a similar effect to condensation, and this leaves all of the negatives out of the finished product. Although the nutrients are being missed out on, the majority of our nutrients come from our food anyway (over 95%) so it’s not such a bad thing. Plus, nutrients can be added back to the distilled water very easily.


Distilled water is completely, 100% H20. There is nothing else in there at all. In fact, it is completely ion free and all organic contaminants have been completely removed through a sanitized process which ensures are distilled water is completely harmless.

Better Taste

Many countries complain of the chlorine taste in their water, or the fluoride, and this of course is not good for us. The machines which make up the water distiller itself removes all bacteria, parasites, harmful metals, chemicals and herbicides from the water itself, making sure it tastes the way it was supposed to! This makes sure you only get the refreshing side of water, not the horrible after-taste.

Helps Contain Disease

Water which has been distilled and held in a location for long enough,  can help fight off any water based diseases or contaminants, helping keeping immune levels at their peak and stopping any outbreaks of nasty viruses.

As you can see – distilled water offers some very important benefits to the actual process, in not only keeping you healthier and making sure you are drinking the right liquids, but also to ensure that you live a life which is long and healthy.