Distilled Water vs. Deionized Water

When people think of distilled water they commonly think of it in terms of drinking, like with the bottled water they see in the supermarket. Even though people say distilled water has no minerals, it doesn’t matter because most people get their essential minerals from food anyways. Therefore, they don’t need to get their minerals from their water. Besides, distilled water actually has a lot more uses than just for drinking. These uses can be used for people with sanitary needs.  Think about every time you see somebody mopping their floors or washing their hands. The water they are using probably has parasites and dirt in it. Now some people actually have a distillation water system built into their home’s pipeline, so that even their shower sprays distilled water. That way pure water is washing their bodies and this will likely decrease their chances of getting acne or other skin problems. Distilled water is also used for watering plants, filling steam irons and humidifiers. It is even used to fill fish tanks if you want to have pet fish in your home. Pretty much anything that requires water should have purification to it.

Do not confuse distilled water with deionized water, although they are very similar. The deionization of water has to do with its mineral ions being removed. This includes its calcium, sodium, copper, chloride and iron. However, deionization still leaves a lot of organic molecules in the water, such as bacteria and viruses. With distilled water, the minerals and the organic molecules are all removed. That is why you see distilled water sold in stores because it is the purest kind of water for your body and for other needs. Some people may try to argue that deionized water is better for you because it acts like an antioxidant to the body. This is supposed to help prevent you from getting diseases and also slows down the aging process. Keep in mind that these are just theories and have not been scientifically proven. In fact, deionized water is a worse form of drinking water because it only has the bacteria left in it and none of the essential minerals. So, there is no way that deionized water is better drinking water than distilled water. There will always be groups of people that complain and say something is bad for you no matter what it is. You have to just study the facts and use common sense when choosing which water to drink. If you do then it should lead you to drinking distilled water.