Distilled Water – Used For Much More Than Human Consumption

Many people think of distilled water only in terms of drinking water in its purest form.  However, it is used for much more than just human consumption.  There are also several commercial uses for it as well.  In this article we will go into some of the many ways that distilled water is put to use.  Before we will get into that though, we will touch on the drinking aspect of it.

Many folks swear by drinking distilled water while others swear at it.  So-called experts in and out of the medical field have also weighed in on both sides of the debate.  As long as it is purchased in a store or made at home from a water distiller, it should be OK from drinking although it will be devoid of the minerals present in water from the source. That is not a problem because minerals can be easily added to distilled water.

The commercial use of distilled water takes place in cooking processes, aquariums, wet-cell batteries of various types, motorized vehicles and steam irons.  Distilled water is often referred to as deionized or demineralized water.  While in most senses they are more or less the same, they are processed differently.  Distilled water undergoes – as the name implies – a distillation process in which condensation and evaporation methods are utilized to purify it.

Distilled water is also used by nuclear power plants as a coolant.  It is especially important that the water be void of minerals since they could cause crucial equipment like this to gather mineral deposits, putting it at risk of failure.  As mentioned above, it is also recommended for steam irons.  Often when irons fail to dispense water for pressing purposes it is because regular tap water, with all its minerals, was used instead of distilled water.

In addition to being used in car batteries, it is also utilized in the automobile’s cooling system as well.  With the corrosive nature present in basic tap water that is certainly understandable.  And regarding the aforementioned aquariums, use distilled water and your fish and other sea creatures will enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Yet another very important use of distilled water is in operating rooms.  It is used to clean the instruments used as well as for cleaning and washing wounds and cuts.  Distilled water plays an important role in our day to day lives.  Everyone is well served to find out the many ways in which it is recommended over regular tap water from the source.