Distilled Water: Is it Safe to Drink ?

Distilled water is the purest form of water that you can drink. Distillation removes all of the water’s existing contaminants as well as its minerals. The process of making distilled water is actually quite simple. If you want to make distilled water at home then you can start by pouring regular tap water into a cooking pot until it is half way filled. Then place a small glass bowl into the water and be sure that it can float on it. The bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot. If it does then fill up the pot with more water. Next, start heating the pot on the stove but do not boil it just yet. Take the lid of the pot and flip it upside down. Place some ice on the bottom of the lid and start boiling the water. You will start to see condensation from the lid dripping into the bowl. Keep checking the bowl to see how much water is in there. Once you see enough distilled water in the bowl for your needs, then you can turn off the stove. After that, take the lid off and carefully take the hot bowl out of the pot. Let the water cool first before storing it.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the consumption of distilled water. Some people will tell you that it is better to drink regular tap water because it contains the proper nutrients and minerals that the human body needs. The problem with tap water is that it can also contain impurities that have both inorganic and organic matter. This could be decaying matter or even some rock sediments, which are not healthy for humans to drink. So, why would anyone have a problem with pure water if it contains no contaminants or minerals? At least it won’t make you sick. Well, yes that is true but the controversy has to do with what pure water does to your body. Since pure water has no minerals, then it supposedly drains the minerals that exist in your body to compensate for it. Then your body would have even greater mineral deficiencies than it did before. But scientifically speaking, there has been no evidence to back up these theories of distilled water draining people’s bodies of their existing minerals. Therefore, distilled water is still sold in stores and will continue to be sold because science has proven the benefits of drinking distilled water.