The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

Distilled water has been produced since the early ages, when people distilled salt or sea water to be used for all kinds of purposes.  Later on, distilled water was used mainly for performing scientific experiments, since the purity of the water ensured that no other factors could affect test results. Eventually, individuals thought again about using distilled water for drinking. Though met with initial contradictions, many have begun to see the benefits of drinking distilled water.

Nowadays, distilled water is fast becoming an individual’s go-to source of drinking water. With the environment’s constant deterioration, more and more people avoid drinking tap water, due to the many impurities that may be found there.

In supermarkets, distilled water is now a common sight. Although many are still doubting the credibility of distilled water, it is still the obvious choice for those who want to make sure that they are drinking potable and safe water.

Since distillation is one of the most effective ways of purifying water, you can say that distilled water is one of the cleanest types of drinking water, in fact, the cleanest single stage purification system.  If you are going to a place with questionable tap water, then it is a must that you order distilled drinking water.

There are many benefits to drinking distilled water. Naturally, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are drinking water that is purged of any harmful bacteria, fungi, toxins and other potential viruses. As such, it will prevent you from getting any stomach ailments.

Aside from this, drinking distilled water can also assure you that you do not ingest any Chlorine. Chlorine is normally used to disinfect tap water of any bacteria that may grow from it. And if you think that you are safe from Chlorine if you opt to drink the normal bottled water, then you are wrong. Bottled water may also contain a percentage of Chlorine. To enjoy a completely Chlorine-free drinking experience, then it is best to go for distilled water with the Charcoal Filter.

Since distilled water is absolutely free of minerals, then it is also free of Calcium and Flouride. Although initially, Calcium and Flouride are considered “healthy”, too much can affect you negatively. Too much Calcium can cause kidney stones, while an excess in Flouride might cause your teeth to become discoloured and mottled. Tap water and some forms of bottle water contain either of the two minerals, while distilled water has zero percentage of this. It is quite obvious, then, that distilled water is the perfect choice for drinking.

For all these benefits, you might think that drinking distilled water is something that everyone would automatically embrace. However, there are quite a few who still prefer to drink regular tap water. They usually dislike distilled water for tasting “bland” and “flat”. This is probably one of the effects of taking out all impurities. However, if you are assured of all of these health benefits, wouldn’t you want to overlook a little change in taste? Plus, many people have expressed that after one day of drinking tap water, they can no longer drink tap or bottled water because the taste feels horrible.