More on Distilled Water

Are you looking to drink clean and pure water at home? If you have concerns about the health and safety of the water you drink or just the general taste of your water you may want to go with distilled water. Here’s what you need to know about distilled water.

Why Distilled Water?

If you want to drink clean water you need to remove the impurities form your water and distilling the water will do that. You can remove sodium, bacteria, water hardness, organic compounds, solids, heavy metals and other impurities form your water. With a good distiller you can remove up to 99.5 of impurities from your water so you have clean and pure water to drink or cook with. With distilled water there are still some impurities that are left behind but this is minimal.

You may have some VOCs or volatile organic contaminants that are left behind when you distill water as these aren’t removed completely by distillation. With a good distiller you can however, remove most of these contaminants.

Testing Your Water

Before you think about distilled water it’s a good idea to have your water tested to determine what’s in the water in the first place. You should have this examined to determine the impurities ad if it’s worth it to distill the water. Some water can already be quite clean and it may be perfectly safe for you to drink. The decision to distill the water is ultimately up to you. By having the water checked you can decide on the best method for cleaning your water that will work for you.

It may be a good idea to check your water on a periodic basis to determine the quality of the water. If you have any concerns about the quality of your water then distilled water is the way to go because you’ll get clean water to drink and you won’t have to worry about testing it – Testing the water is really expensive. You can also get water treatment test results form your local community so you have a better idea of the quality of the water you’re drinking.

How Distilling Works

Distilled water is create by heating the water until it boils and then condensing that water back into a container so it’s pure. As the water boils the impurities are left behind and the steam goes through a cooling section and then this will condense back into a liquid which is your pure distilled water that you’ll drink, cook with and so on. You can then store this distilled water for whatever need you have. When you create distilled water you remove the impurities during the process.

You’re first glass of Distilled water will taste bland if you’re not used to it as you don’t have the taste of the dissolved minerals and impurities in the water, however, after one day of drinking it you’ll get used to the taste of pure refreshing water and your taste buds won’t let you go back to non-distilled water. However, you can always add minerals back into the distilled water for less than a penny per glass. You should use glass, stainless steel, or plastic to store your water. Glass is probably your best option. If you use plastic make sure it doesn’t contain any contaminants. You should only use this water for cooking and drinking as all other options such as cleaning, washing clothes and so on are just a waste of the distilled water and you get no real benefits from this. It’s safe to use regular water for these purposes.