A little bit more on Distilled Water Equipment

If you want to distill water you need to ensure that you get the right equipment for the process. These are typically made out of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. A distiller is easy to clean and it helps you remove the impurities form the water.


There are two main types of distillers which are the continuous flow unit and the batch unit.

Continuous Flow Units

In a continuous flow unit the system is connected to the water supply line. A float value connected to your water supply helps to maintain the water level in the chamber. As you remove the distilled water from your storage tank for consumption, the system turns on and starts to produce more distilled water to fill up the storage tank again. There’s a discharge line and this will remove the impurities form the boiling chamber periodically. You can pipe the distilled water to where you need it or store it in a container for later use.

The Batch Distiller

You can get distilled water by using the batch method. You pour your water right into the boiling chamber with this method and then the unit is turned on and you heat the water to boiling. Once you have evaporated the water in the chamber the system will shut off and you can get your distilled water form a container for use. You can get large distillers or ones as small as a regular coffee maker.


You may want special taps, transfer pumps, and storage containers for your distilled water. You really only need more storage for a continuous flow unit. You may have the storage tank under the sink if you like as this makes it easy to get the water that you want. All these accessories are up to you as it all depends on what you want to do with your distilled water.


You’ll need to maintain your equipment as the residues will accumulate in your boiling chamber over time and you’ll want to remove them. It’s ideal to empty the chamber about once per week as the distiller won’t work properly if the chamber is full of debris. Your local shop can show you the right method of cleaning your chamber so you have great distilled water to drink all the time. One way to clean your distiller is to just use vinegar like you would do for your coffee pot from time to time. You can let this sit overnight and then just wash it out. If you find this doesn’t work that well you’ll want to check with professionals about how to remove stubborn debris form your distiller or look online. Most of the time, a simple rinse is all it takes.

If you want great distilled water in your home you need to use decent equipment to make distilled water. There are many models on the market to ensure you get the best one for your needs. There’s a lot of small units available that are perfect for home use for great distilled water.